Simply explained

Programming ESP32 with Arduino

Blockchain in Javascript

5 videos
Want to understand how blockchains and cryptocurrencies work under the hood? Just build a simple version yourself with Javascript!

Serverless Framework

11 videos
The Serverless framework allows you to build & deploy auto-scaling functions. It takes care of provisioning all the resources that you need. In this series we'll focus on deploying Lambda functions to AWS (written in node.js)

TypeScript Design Patterns

6 videos
Design patterns are a collection of solutions to common programming problems. In this series I'll show you how to use some of these patterns in TypeScript.

Great Mac Apps

4 videos
In this series I will show you some great Mac applications. Apps that have a beautiful design, pack a lot features, are innovative or incredibly useful. These are my personal recommendations.

Learning TypeScript

11 videos
In this series I'll show you how to get started with TypeScript. It's a superset of JavaScript that allows you to use classes and types. It also features static type checking and accurate code refactoring.

Get started with AWS Lambda

9 videos
In this series I'll show you how to use AWS Lambda to create scalable applications. I'll cover topics like creating a function in Node.js, deploying them with automated tools, executing functions with HTTP calls, integrating them with other AWS services and much more!

First look at BitBucket Pipelines

5 videos
This video series offers a first look at Atlassian's new service for BitBucket: Pipelines. I'll show you how the service works, how to run PHPUnit tests, how to use environment variables, how you can deploy to an FTP server and how you can deploy to Amazon S3.

Get started with Jenkins