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#26: Pyramids, Cloud Kitchen, AI bankrupting Google, Floppy disks, Sustainable Fuel, Asteroids, Turbines Blades, and more! (2023-03)

#25: AI Everywhere, 3D Printed Organs, Tesla, Modular Reactors, Cryonics, and more! (2023-02)

#24: Toilets and Lasers, Energy from Potholes, Self-healing Concrete, ISS Leak, Fusion Energy, Niagara Falls, and more! (2023-01)


#23: ChatGPT, Human Brain Cells in Mice, Chernobyl Fungi, Tidal Power, Semi Trucks, and more! (2022-12)

#22: Wim Hof, Mastodon, Brain in a Dish, Worm Saliva, Dull Razors, and more! (2022-11)

#21: AI Videos, Bruce Willis, Flying on Cooking Oil, Frogs, Mysteries and more! (2022-10)

#20: Brain Power, CPR in Space, Life on Venus, Long COVID, Cars are Insanely Expensive, and more! (2022-09)

#19: Roman Maps, Da Vinci, Jurassic Park, Ancient Computer, Aliens, Happy Birthday on Mars, and more! (2022-08)

#18: Planet Crasher, Floppy Drives, Gene-editing, Our Black Hole, Powerwalls, Data Breaches, and more! (2022-07)

#17: Sleep, Payphones, V'Ger, Solid State Battery, Cancer-killing Virus, Poo Transplants, and more! (2022-06)

#16: DIY Toaster, Dobby, Netflix Yarn Intro, Leaded Gasoline, Noise Pollution, Human Genome, Leaded Gasoline, and more! (2022-05)

#15: OpenAI breaks game, Disney Nuclear Power, Surgery, Sewer Data, and more! (2022-04)

#14: Simulating a human brain, Hubble, Largest Bacterium Ever, Fusion Energy, Windows 11 goes green, and more! (2022-03)

#13: Pixar, Stirling Engine, Hidden Blockchain Data, Crashing into the Moon, First Pig Heart Transplant, and more! (2022-02)

#12: Six Years on YouTube, Winnie The Pooh, Dinosaurs, Plastics, Nuclear energy, and more! (2022-01)


#11: Motivation, Miss Excel, WD-40, Electricity, fungal infections, and more! (2021-12)

#10: Stupid questions, metaverse, soup, SpaceX, Honey Bees, and more! (2021-11)

#9: CO2 sensor, Beethoven's new single, Facebook down, Microplastics, and more (2021-10)

#8: Chip shortage, Joe Rogan, GMO's, Thorium Reactors, Kids, and more! (2021-09)

#7: Smartphones, WW2, SpaceX, Leap seconds, Battery innovation, and more! (2021-08)

#6: YouTube Spam, Spying, Satoshi Nakamoto, energy crisis, and more! (2021-07)

#5: Internet Root, Genetics, Apple, Helicopters on Mars, and more! (2021-06)

#4: 5G, Bitcoin surveillance, YouTube transcoding chips, Signal's Ad Campaign, Pooplog (2021-05)

#3: Home Automation, Space, Slapping a chicken, viral website, source code of mRNA vaccines (2021-04)

#2: Solid, ESP32, Vaccine manufacturing (2021-03)

#1: mRNA vaccines, Impact of adblockers, DIY Mission Control (2021-02)