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#10: Stupid questions, metaverse, soup, SpaceX, Honey Bees, and more! (2021-11)

#9: CO2 sensor, Beethoven's new single, Facebook down, Microplastics, and more (2021-10)

#8: Chip shortage, Joe Rogan, GMO's, Thorium Reactors, Kids, and more! (2021-09)

#7: Smartphones, WW2, SpaceX, Leap seconds, Battery innovation, and more! (2021-08)

#6: YouTube Spam, Spying, Satoshi Nakamoto, energy crisis, and more! (2021-07)

#5: Internet Root, Genetics, Apple, Helicopters on Mars, and more! (2021-06)

#4: 5G, Bitcoin surveillance, YouTube transcoding chips, Signal's Ad Campaign, Pooplog (2021-05)

#3: Home Automation, Space, Slapping a chicken, viral website, source code of mRNA vaccines (2021-04)

#2: Solid, ESP32, Vaccine manufacturing (2021-03)

#1: mRNA vaccines, Impact of adblockers, DIY Mission Control (2021-02)