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My First Year on YouTube

Exactly one year ago I started my YouTube channel. It was something I wanted to do for a long time, but only got around to last year. In this post I will reflect on my first year on YouTube. I'll share my experiences with starting and growing a YouTube channel. I'll also go over the things I've learned throughout the year and I'll give some advice for others.

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Review EC Technology sports headphones

Last year I reviewed two pairs of bluetooth earphones: the QCY Qy7 and a pair from EC Technology. I've been really impressed with both these earphones because they are cheap, comfortable and easy to take with you. However, a couple of months ago I started to run three times a week. With that new habit came a new desire: find decent wireless sport headphones that don't fall out of my ears.

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Meal planning with Trello and AWS Lambda

When my girlfriend and I moved in together, we decided to sit down each Saturday and plan ahead what we we're going to eat the following week. We used to do this with pen and paper but as a few weeks passed I thought: why are we doing this the old school way? Don't get me wrong: pen and paper get the job done efficiently but it doesn't allow us to check what's for dinner when we aren't home.

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a digital version of our weekly meal planner. In this post I'll show you how we use Trello and AWS Lambda to create an semi-automated weekly meal planner.

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Deploying websites to FTP or Amazon S3 with BitBucket Pipelines

Last week Atlassian announced a new feature for BitBucket called Pipelines. It’s a continuous integration service that is integrated into BitBucket and is powered by Docker. I immediately signed up for the closed beta and received my invite shortly afterwards, yay!

I wondered if BitBucket Pipelines could replace my Jenkins server. I mostly use Jenkins to automate the deployment of websites to a FTP server and to Amazon S3. In this post I’ll show you how to configure BitBucket Pipelines to deploy your website to a FTP server or to Amazon S3 (with s3_website).

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Getting started with LXC on a Scaleway cloud server

After waiting months for an invite, I finally got an e-mail (on my birthday!) from Scaleway telling me that I was invited to try out their cloud servers. I quickly accepted the invite, created an account, setup billing and created my first Scaleway "Starter Cloud" server. This server would replace my RamNode VPS and is going to host my Jenkins installation, a personal wiki, a VPN server and netdata.

But instead of installing everything straight onto the server, I figured it would be better to use some kind of virtualization to separate and contain each service. Full virtualization is not well supported by Scaleway and requires a lot of memory. So instead I decided to use LXC: Linux Containers. In this post I'll show you how I have configured my server with LXC, how I route traffic to containers and how I use Nginx as a reverse proxy for the containers.

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